Press Releases

Top dissertation prize awarded to engineering graduate student

11 December 2013

K-State Transportation Research Featured in Midwest Publication

14 November 2013

University Transportation Center wins award

8 August 2013

Crossing the gap: Civil engineers develop improved method for detecting, measuring bridge damage

19 July 2012

Creating safer roads: Civil Infrastructure Systems Laboratory has cemented status as premier testing facility

12 July 2012

Steering Safety: Research looks at factors in truck-related fatalities and injuries to reduce accidents

14 June 2012

Video: K-State Student Studying Ways to Decrease Erosion on Kansas Roads

10 January 2012

The path less traveled: Research is driving solutions to improve unpaved roads

10 January 2012

Drive 75: New Speed Limits Unlikely To Change Much On Kansas Freeways, Expert Says

30 June 2011

The ties that bind: making high-speed rail tracks safer focus of research

24 May 2011

Civil Engineering Professor Receives Grant for Sustainable Concrete Research

10 September 2010

K-State Study Finds Older Drivers Often Involved in Daytime Crashes More Severe Than Younger Drivers' Crashes; Larger Sign Fonts, Left-Turn Arrows Could Help

15 April 2010

K-State Engineers Research The Effects Of Expansion From Heat On An Alternative Bridge That Is Economically Efficient

25 June 2009
People Drive The Speed They Are Comfortable With On Gravel Roads Regardless Of Speed Limit, K-State Researchers Say 10 April 2009
K-State Civil Engineering Professor Honored by Transportation Council 24 December 2008
Marcuson Press Release 14 September 2007
STAR Lab Collaboration 14 September 2007
Bridge Monitoring Press Release 3 August 2007
Video: KTKA 49 News - Bridges
2007 Practical Paper Award 19 January 2007