Course Information

Superpave Field Laboratory Technician Certification Training is a four (4) day face to face course offered jointly by Kansas State University (K-State) and the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT). This course is intended to certify engineers, technicians, and other personnel who will be involved in the construction of Superpave Hot-Mix Asphalt (HMA) pavements using Quality Control and Quality Assurance (QC/QA) specifications in the State of Kansas. Instruction will be provided by a selected group of instructors from KDOT, industry, and K-State. Successful completion of the course and certification (subjected to a combined passing score on two written tests and a laboratory proficiency test given at the end of the course) will be required for all KDOT and contractor personnel performing tests on these projects.

The following sessions will be included in the course:

  • Overview of Superpave volumetric mixture design
  • Asphalt mixture volumetrics
  • Hands-on training for the required tests Gyratory Compaction, Bulk Density, Maximum Specific Gravity (Rice), Ignition Oven Binder content, and Moisture-Sensitivity (Modified Lottman) for Superpave HMA construction
  • Superpave mixture data analysis and interpretation as required in the QC/QA special provisions 
  • Written and laboratory proficiency tests


Before You Can Take This Class

To attend Superpave Field: You must satisfactorily complete the Aggregate Field Tester (AGF) course, which is taught by Kansas State University –  Salina.

Questions regarding the Aggregate Field Tester course can call (855) 552-0079 or


Who Should Attend

Engineers, technicians, and other HMA personnel who intend to perform testing on Superpave HMA projects with QC/QA Specifications in the State of Kansas.

Course Completion Certificate

Each participant will receive a course completion certificate upon completion of the training. 


Quiz Outs

Quiz out and laboratory performance testing will be offered on the last day of the course. Please indicate on the registration form if you plan to quiz out and the type of test you will be taking.

You may also audit this course. You can participate in the class as an audit but will not be tested on the final day. An audit student will not be certified. Please be aware that the fee to audit this course is the Regular Registration fee.

Quiz Out’s: due to your experience in Superpave HMA Lab testing, on Thursday (day of your performance testing) each Quiz Out should be familiar with the lab equipment at the university, no guidance or assistance will be given to you on Thursday.

If you are taking the Quiz Out option, please submit a copy of your DTMT 296 form when you register.  If you don't have a copy of the form and you have not been witnessed in the last two years you should register for the full session.  


Performance Tests

The written exam is for individuals who are renewing their certifications and who have been witnessed in the last 2 years. Each individual must submit with registration DTMT 296 screen print from CMS and provide with your registration.